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Author: Rene Rebe
To: rock-linux
Subject: [rock-linux] [ANNOUNCE] ROCK Linux - v2.0.0-rc1

After the "camp release" we worked towards a -rc1, but unfortunately
have not reached the point to feature freeze the rock-net and
rock-plug code. Many package build errors got fixed and many packages
updated. So here goes "Release Candiate One", a snapthot done to
clarify that we are moving towards the stable release and most parts
are at least feature-freezed.

To be done feature parts:

- new rockplug version incl. hwscan integration to share a common code
path for both

- new network interface configuration (multiple interfaces) and
rockplug integration

- the other bugs from the TODO ...


  This is a "Release Candidate" release. Although we worked hard to
  make the 2.0 series stable (and IMHO it is the most stable series we
  ever experienced) we cannot test all hardware combinations and still
  have some bugs inside the Bug tracker.

  There is still some work left before the stable ROCK Linux 2.0
  release scheduled for Q3 2003!

  Desktop binaries are be available for x86 - PPC incl. rs6k support
  will follow soon.


  After the 18C3 (18th Chaos Communication Congress) the ROCK Linux
  developers agreed on a major redesign of many parts of the ROCK
  Linux build system. With this changes modifying many aspects of the
  build process is possible for a target compilation.

  Uniting the ROCK Linux and Desktop ROCK Linux package database has
  the advantages of: eliminating waste of developer time due to
  package and security updates needed to be performed in both trees,
  eliminating waste of developer time due to creating the same basic
  technology for new gcc/glibc environments, keeping the
  architecture-ports in sync and fixing more bugs because more eyes
  read the source. In one sentence: We will be able to archive more in
  shorter time ;-)


  Stable 2.0 source tree (Subversion):
    master: http://schillernet.dyndns.org/svn/rock-linux/
    master: svn://schillernet.dyndns.org/rock-linux/
    mirror: http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/svn/rock-linux/
    mirror: svn://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/rock-linux/

    (For a tiny SVN how-to see http://schillernet.dyndns.org/svn/)

  Binary releases main server:

  Binary releases mirror sites:


*) 2003-08-23 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - improved powerpc optimisation options to make ISA selectable
 - fixed linux24 include/asm-i386/byteorder.h for user-space apps (like
 - updated linux26 - and adapted the ROCK kconfig patches
 - updated gnupg and gimp14
 - remove obsolete doc copy from iproute2 and fixed iptables to use $root/sbin

*) 2003-08-22 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - fixed shared files for pixieplus
 - fixed powerpc to use mcpu instead only mtune

*) 2003-08-21 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - replaced all [D] tag with the dl.sourceforge automated balancing

*) 2003-08-20 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - fixed bootdisk and strip wrapper usage
 - added pci.ids (#66) and keymaps to the 2nd_stage and general cleanups
 - updated xscreensaver (#85)
 - converted the default .init files to match the LSB runlevel definition
 - added a STONE module to change the default init runlevel

*) 2003-08-19 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - Benjamin Schieder: gpsdrive
 - added ldap support to gnupg and converted the package to new-style
 - fake: added libfame and libmpeg3 needs a52 objects
 - Piotr Esden-Tempski: no dialog installed (#67)
 - Daniel Pischl: Gaim
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: fixed nessus init script
 - removed /tmp mounting from system.init - fails with real filesystem
 - replaced some $( cd foo/bar ; ls ) with a direct $( ls foo/bar/ )
 - removed sanity check for libart since it does not need glib ...
 - more intelligent apply_patchfiles, converted linux packages to use
   patchfiles and so copy all patches (#105)
 - moved the Download-Mirror file form src to Download/Mirror (so it does not
   get deleted during a Cleanup ...) (#46)
 - changed apache's default datadir from /opt/apache/share to
   /var/opt/apache/ (#40)
 - fixed zlib to finally build both a static and dynamic version

*) 2003-08-18 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - updated mc (as advised by the author ;-)

*) 2003-08-17 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - Stefan Paletta: fixed 4 build problems
 - fake: update transcode to 0.6.8, fixed bug #100 - cups patches
         and added libmpeg3
 - fixed 00-update cron-job to use the System.map of the installed target - in
   contrast to the running kernel from e.g. a bootdisk
 - fixed kiss for dietlibc incl. some general improvements
 - added kiss to the bootdisk and initd (incl. an option to disable this)

*) 2003-08-16 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - fixed bug #90 - netcat creates a nc symlink
 - fixed mkreiserfs to not core dump on invalid user data
 - fixed ifname to not scream with bogus line-numbers
 - Clifford: fixed pine crash on (e.g.) powerpc
 - Daniel Pischl: icewm
 - Benjamin Schieder: kterm

*) 2003-08-15 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - fixed dependencies and priority of cheapskatefonts
 - made mkttfontdir more reliable
 - Daniel Jahre: added cdlabelgen
 - Andreas V. Meier: added wavemon
 - made kde the default window-manager
 - Benjamin Schieder: updated newpackage.sh

*) 2003-08-14 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - Dimitar Zhekov: fontconfig.pc ownership fix, sysfiles cosmetics and
                   updated zgv and mplayer
 - Daniel Pischel: updated blender, cups, libgnome2, man, nmap, ogle and xchat
 - simplified Emerge-Pkg (since the dep_db.txt already has recursive

*) 2003-08-12 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - fixed Create-SrcTar to not create a CVS dir and not archive .svn/CVS files
 - fixed zlib (to build libz.a)
 - fixed resource leak in mod_packages.sh (to unmount the correct dir)

*) 2003-08-09 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - fixed mkinitrd.sh (s/rdir/rmdir/) 

*) 2003-08-07 (2.0.0-camp - 2.0.0-rc1)

 - added QTDIR and KDEDIR$ver exports to the qt and kdelibs packages (and
   fixed the kdelibs package to really create the profile.d file ...) 
 - added x86/help2 to the bootdisk

  For detailed information about the changes please take a look into
  the: Documentation/Developers/CHANGELOG-{CLIFFORD,ESDEN,RENE} files.


Sincerely yours,
  René Rebe
    - ROCK Linux stable release maintainer

René Rebe - Europe/Germany/Berlin
http://www.rocklinux.org http://www.rocklinux.org/people/rene
http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/gsmp http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/rene

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