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Author: Rene Rebe
To: rock-linux
Subject: [rock-linux] [ANNOUNCE] ROCK Linux - v2.0.0-rc4 (Not The NOC)

here comes the official announcement of the 2.0.0-rc4 (Not The NOC)

Binary images for x86 (generic, desktop) and PowerPC (desktop) will be
online, soon.


  This is a "Release Candidate" release. Although we worked hard to
  make the 2.0 series stable (and IMHO it is the most stable series we
  ever experienced) we cannot test all hardware combinations and still
  have some bugs inside the Bug tracker.

  There is still some work left before the stable ROCK Linux 2.0
  release scheduled for Q1 2003!

  Desktop binaries are be available for x86 - PPC incl. rs6k support
  will follow soon.


  After the 18C3 (18th Chaos Communication Congress) the ROCK Linux
  developers agreed on a major redesign of many parts of the ROCK
  Linux build system. With this changes modifying many aspects of the
  build process is possible for a target compilation.

  Uniting the ROCK Linux and Desktop ROCK Linux package database has
  the advantages of: eliminating waste of developer time due to
  package and security updates needed to be performed in both trees,
  eliminating waste of developer time due to creating the same basic
  technology for new gcc/glibc environments, keeping the
  architecture-ports in sync and fixing more bugs because more eyes
  read the source. In one sentence: We will be able to archive more in
  shorter time ;-)


  Stable 2.0 source tree (Subversion):
    mirror: http://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    mirror: svn://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: svn://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/

    (For a tiny SVN how-to see http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/)

  Binary releases main server:

  Binary releases mirror sites:


*) 2004-01-07 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4) (merged from trunk)

 - fixed the dietlibc/pkg_kiss.patch for new patch level used

*) 2004-01-01 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4) (merged from trunk)

 - Valentin Ziegler: corrected flex command line options in bc configure script
                     fixed unput define in scanner skeleton (flex.skl)

*) 2003-12-29 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - enable apache's mod_deflate
 - cleaned kiss.conf

*) 2003-12-28 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - fixed dietlibc to use the correct arch_machine (fixes x86_64 build
   and maybe sparc64) as well as line-break fixes
 - fixed glibc* stage-0 on hppa
 - fixed koffice

*) 2003-12-27 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Valentin Ziegler: updated flex (2.5.31)
 - fixed config.in to not discard packages too early

*) 2003-12-25 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - ALSA OSS emulation and no IDESCSI for 2.6
 - added an eject command to kiss
 - added a "check for modified files" option to mine ("-y" for now ...)
 - Alejandro Mery: changed postgresql to default to install into /opt/postgresql
                   added include/db_185.h symlink
 - Daniel Jahre: added scummvm
 - updated rockplug (0.0.7)

*) 2003-12-24 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - implemented kiss' mount '-r' options and added a remount option ('-R')
 - updated rockplug (0.0.6)
 - Alejandro Mery: fixed scripts/Download to not always require a config
 - Dimitar Zhekov: sendmail and gtk12 config.in fixes
                   updated xfree86-{doc,cyrillic fonts}
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated nvidia

*) 2003-12-23 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - added kdirstat (2.4.0)
 - fixed pbbuttonsd.init to not kill itself

*) 2003-12-22 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - fixed kdenetwork (kmime / kmail) mostly for big-endian systems
 - merged disable-broken.sh into lx_config.sh incl. status output
 - added a powerpc kernel26-disable.lst to fix linux26 for PowerPC
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated samba (3.0.1) and wwwoffled (2.8a)
                       improved scripts/Download's -list-unknown output
 - Alan J. Wylie: updated spamassassin and clamav
 - Dimitar Zhekov: workaround for memtest86 to avoid gcc-33 if possible
                   updated mplayer
                   the real tail/head and disktype for the small 2nd_stage
                   space optimisations for the linuxrc
 - Daniel Jahre: updated sane-backends

*) 2003-12-21 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - added powerpc kernel26 disable list
 - added clamp-mtu and masquerade itables rocknet keywords
 - updated xfree86 (

*) 2003-12-20 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - updated pbbuttons

*) 2003-12-19 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Dimitar Zhekov: remove bash '--with-installed-readline'
                   updated terminus-font and gentoo
 - Andreas V. Meier: fixed rtsp
 - Jan Veninga: updated gaim to current version (so msn is working)
 - Stefan Fiedler: some more mkdir -p to remove
                   enable directory notifications for KDE
 - cleanup of tcp_wrappers.conf
 - Alejandro Mery: updated lvs->ipvsadm, keepalived
                   updated smartmontoolsa, openvpn and rsbac
                   fixed shared files of bdb41 vs. bdb42
                   updated linux26* (2.6.0-FINAL)
 - Miguel Bolanos: substituted "Ultra SPARC" with "UltraSPARC"
                   Alpha optimisations selection
                   Documentation/ updates
 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed gnome-vfs-extras to utilize samba
 - fixed grub
 - updated koffice and subversion (0.35.0)
 - updated intltool (0.28) and galeon (1.3.11a)

*) 2003-12-17 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - updated rockplug (0.0.5)

*) 2003-12-14 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - mine mangling
 - Alejandro Mery: updated links, openldap, perl-libxml and mono-debugger
                   updated runit, and make it ROCK
 - Benjamin Schieder: hand-tuned dvgrab's priority
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: update ethereal
 - Andreas V. Meier: two tiny fixes for network.init
                     a tiny auto interface fix for rocknet_module_base.sh
 - some more ROCK Net stone work

*) 2003-12-13 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Mathieu Doidy: updated lftp (2.6.10) and liferea (0.4.5)
 - "fixed" libowfat to install the headers into $includedir/$pkg

*) 2003-12-12 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Miguel Bolanos: various x86 updates
                   various base updates
 - Alejandro Mery: updated mono, mono-doc, mono-debugger, mono-xsp,
                   mod_mono, gtk-sharp
                   added links package
                   updated cron and fix bind       
 - updated subversion (0.34.0)
 - added default bdb selection to the apache config.in (defaults to 42)
 - added ifplugd (and so libdaemon)
 - STONE / ROCK Net work

*) 2003-12-11 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated cvs
 - Miguel Bolanos: updated minimal package selection
                   blacklisted kernel modules for Alpha
                   updated silo
                   cleaned iproute2.conf and linux24 i2c checksum
 - updated irssi
 - first STONE ROCK Net module (allowing tag editing)

*) 2003-12-10 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Alejandro Mery: fixed prelink and updated libelf
 - fixed two koffice/kword bugs

*) 2003-12-09 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Andreas V. Meier and Rene Rebe: updated screen (4.0.2)
 - Jani Talikka: fixed typo in Documentation/BUILD
 - added etc/network/modules to 00-sysfiles
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated  pyslsk (1.2.4b)
 - Alejandro Mery: updated man, man-pages, ntfsprogs
 - Juergen Sawinski: the big gnome24 (2.4.1) update

*) 2003-12-08 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Juergen Sawinski and Rene Rebe: udated linux24* (2.4.23)
 - updated macosd (0.0.6)
 - finished the Create-CopyPatch changes to emit a different copyright for
   .diff and .patch* files (as discussed with Clifford)

*) 2003-12-07 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - added usb compatibility support to devfsd

*) 2003-12-06 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - fixed powerpc config bug
 - enabled anti-aliasing in gv per default
 - improved the mac-fdisk package to copy the man-pages
 - improved the rocknet dns module to limit the useage of the search keyword
 - updated epiphany
 - fixed postfix (to install mag-pages named correctly and not to remove
   sendmail's versions of the man-pages ...)

*) 2003-12-04 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed recode and updated rsync
                     updated kasc (flightgear)
                     updated ghostscript
                     updated intltool, libsigc, libxml2, libxslt
 - Daniel Jahre: fixed ypbind to install the init file

*) 2003-12-03 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - finalized qcad
 - of course we should install my *_ibook xkb files
 - Alejandro Mery: little bdb cleanup and CV-URL
                   updated gcc's ssp updated and new location
                   updated lprng
                   fixed varous typos and mini issues
                   updated strace, openldap and mono
 - Daniel Jahre: added ypbind.init

*) 2003-11-29 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Michael Obster: praenti repository updates
 - added qcad
 - fixed profile.d/qt files to export QTDIR ...
 - Benjamin Schieder: kino dvgrab

*) 2003-11-28 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed priority of nikolaus/gnupod-perlmods
 - Dimitar Zhekov: xfce upgrade 2/2
 - Benjamin Schieder: disabled ElGamal Keys in GnuPG
 - Alejandro Mery: hotfixed iproute2
                   updated autoconf, automake, ccache, curl, file, gsl,
                   ifhp, jfsutils, lsof, lvm, nfs-utils, prelink, procps,
                   uudeview, whois and zlib
                   updated linux26
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: fixed screen security issue
                       updated postgresql
                       added ypserv .init script and sysstat

*) 2003-11-27 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - updated yaboot (1.3.11) (G5 support)

*) 2003-11-26 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - improved /lib .{a,la} migration
 - Andreas V. Meier: added avm/rtsp and enabled support in mplayer

*) 2003-11-25 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Juergen Sawinski: updated xfree86 cyrillic fonts
 - fixed (hopefully - no functionality test) webmin
 - improved stone_mod_install to display the size of the partitions

*) 2003-11-24 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Valentin Ziegler: added ROCK Net DNS module
 - fixed librsvg to not install gimp plugin (which is also included in gimp)
 - fixed libxml2 to not overwrite a libxml doc file
 - fixed paragui to install the python stuff into the correct dir

*) 2003-11-23 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - updated syslinux (2.0.7)
 - Mathieu Doidy: updated lftp (2.6.9), hotplug (2003_08_05), irssi (0.8.8),
                  gphoto (2.1.3), libgphoto (2.1)
 - Daniel Jahre: updated gnokii and adding IBM-Public-License

*) 2003-11-22 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - flagged powermanga and nvrec to be x86 only
 - fixed torcs (delete lingering x86 objects files before the build)
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: patched slrn
 - Daniel Pischl: updated icewm and gkrellm
 - fixed iptables for system without or non-current /usr/src/linux
 - fixed a xfree86 header file
 - added compatibility links to tcltk

*) 2003-11-21 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed network.init and back-ticks
 - updated neon (0.24.4)
 - improved ifup.sh and added the code to install it
 - fixed libglade10

*) 2003-11-20 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - integrated rock-net (0.0.3)
 - moved network.init script from iproute2 into sysfiles
 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed stefanp/gnucash priority
 - Juergen Sawinski and Rene Rebe: more fontconfig work

*) 2003-11-19 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed typo in xfce4/xffm
                     fixed libusb for stage-9 (doc creation)
 - removed fontconfig
 - updated xfree86 (
 - merged fontconfig (2.2.1) into xfree86
 - fixed and cleaned metamail

*) 2003-11-18 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - updated binutils (
 - updated xemacs-packages (2003-10-03)
 - fixed auctex's priority
 - Sebastian Czech: updated pcmcia-cs
 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed python related gnome24 build problems
                     fixed mozilla to create more library sym-links
                     added jsaw/libmusicbrainz
                     added fontconfig
 - polished fontconfig, added xft and disabled the both in the xfree86
   package (where old ones are included ...)

*) 2003-11-17 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - updated blender (2.30)
 - Andreas V. Meier: fixed esden/wavemon
 - Dimitar Zhekov: updated the xfce repository
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: zebra man-page path fixes

*) 2003-11-16 (2.0.0-rc3 - 2.0.0-rc4)

 - bumped version
 - Andreas V. Meier: updated rene/k3b and added normalize
                     updated xchat patches
 - Mathieu Doidy: mathieu's repository update: bitlbee (0.82), bogofilter
                  (0.15.7), liferea (0.4.4), mldonkey (2.5-4), mpc (0.9.2),
                  mpd (0.9.3) and xcdroast (0.98alpha15)
                  fixed gjiten and python shared files
                  updated enlightenment (0.16.6)
 - Valentin Ziegler: fixed libpcap to install popt-int.h needed by kismet
                     added kismet

Sincerely yours,
  René Rebe
    - ROCK Linux stable release maintainer

René Rebe - Europe/Germany/Berlin
http://www.rocklinux.org http://www.rocklinux-consulting.de
http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/gsmp http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/rene

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