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Author: Clifford Wolf
To: ROCK Linux Mailing List
Subject: [rock-linux] Submaster Update

yet another change in sm clients on-disk format:

for performance reasons, the new submaster client stores its queue, etc in
files and not in svn properties anymore. after updating you need to dump
the data from the properties to the new files:

root@localhost:/data/SubMaster/rock# svn up -N
At revision 105.
root@localhost:/data/SubMaster/rock# cat ../rock.sm/SM/uuid.txt
root@localhost:/data/SubMaster/rock# svn propget --strict sm:62dc0821-7f05-473d-9142-7715417667aa:sync > ../rock.sm/SM/sync.txt
root@localhost:/data/SubMaster/rock# svn propget --strict sm:62dc0821-7f05-473d-9142-7715417667aa:queue > ../rock.sm/SM/queue.txt

.. or simply re-create your sm workinbg copy.

 - clifford

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