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Author: Rene Rebe
To: rock-devel
CC: rock-user
Subject: [rock-user] [rock-linux] [ANNOUNCE] ROCK Linux - v2.0.2 (wildlife)

finally a release in-time! Since some scripting around Subversion's
merging stuff making pushing changesets around so much fun here goes
2.0.2 - "wildlife".

Since we now have a SVN:log -> ChangeLog converter, this time with
full ChangeLog again!

Also due always active work on non-x86 ports this time with full boot
CD on Sparc64 (Ultra SPARC) and IBM RS/6000 (RS/6k) support!

As well as the usual updates, fixes and security fixes pulled from the
development tree:

The changes from 83 changesets, include about 37 fixes, 27 updates
and 21 additions.

There will not be official binaries from me this time. I already
scheduled the next release with linux24 2.4.27 in about 2-4 weeks -
binaries will be available for this one.

But a minimal-desktop build for 686 should be available in the "Linux
Intern" magazine next month (available in most German speaking parts
of Europe).

THanks to all the contributors!


  Mintenenance release following in the usual OpenSource
  release early release often cycle:

  Security and non-intrusive version updates.


  Source tree (Subversion):
    mirror: http://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    mirror: svn://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: svn://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/

    (For a tiny SVN how-to see http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/)

  Binary releases main server:

  Binary releases mirror sites:

*) 2004-05-23

Rene Rebe:

r3063 * updated silo (1.3.2 -> 1.4.5)

*) 2004-05-24

Rene Rebe:

r3126 * version bump - 2.0-stable working target is now 2.0.2

*) 2004-05-27

Rene Rebe:

r3151 * fixed linux 2.4 module build for sparc32

*) 2004-06-05

Rene Rebe:

r3160 * merged r3139 from trunk:
          * added smap.cfg to svn:ignore of trunk/

*) 2004-06-09

Rene Rebe:

r3164 * reworked PowerPC install-cd boot code generation:
          * works on Apple NewWorld
          * works on IBM RS/6000 B50 (with manual boot cdrom:,\install.bin)
r3166 * merged r2732 from trunk:
          * some sparc bits and acknowledgements

*) 2004-06-10

Rene Rebe:

r3172 * fixed kbd for sparc incl. copyright refresh on-the-fly
r3173 * fixed e2fsprogs with dietlibc for at least sparc
r3177 * fixed sparc bootdisk - reversed 2.0 and 2.1 last night

*) 2004-06-11

Rene Rebe:

r3178 * fixed linuxrc.c MS_MOVE mounts for systems with more strict pointer
          checking in the kernel (like sparc)

*) 2004-06-13

Daniel Jahre:

r3184 * updated subversion (1.0.5) - SECURITY

Rene Rebe:

r3186 * subversion can be considered Stable

*) 2004-06-14

Rene Rebe:

r3187 * merged r2594 from trunk:
          * updated binutils (
r3188 * merged r2598 from trunk:
          * added config option for building statically linked binaries
r3189 * merged r2599 from trunk:
          * updated ntfsprogs (1.8.0 -> 1.9.0)
r3190 * merged r2762 from trunk:
          * a lx_config $MAKE oldconfig lacks yes '', sometimes causing problems
r3191 * merged r2827 from trunk:
          * fixed lx_config to display the real filenames when merging files
r3192 * merged r2829 from trunk:
          * updated linux24 to 2.4.26 for security reasons
r3193 * merged r2729 from trunk:
          * updated linux26 kernel to 2.6.5
          * enabled oprofile in the default kernel config
r3194 * merged r3035 from trunk:
          * updated linux26 (2.6.6)
r3195 * merged r2643 from trunk:
          * kdebase fixes: added patch "konsole-fix.patch" which makes Konsole
            show a prompt instead of "bash-2.05b#", set the aRts to use ALSA by
            default which prevents "CPU Overload" errors, changed the font in
            Konsole from "Fixed" to "Curser" - this fixes the double spacing
r3196 * merged r2761 from trunk:
          * added ldap support to kde
r3197 * merged r2811 from trunk:
          * moved k3b from the rene repository into the kde repository
r3198 * merged r2773 from trunk:
          * we do not need STL and exception support in Qt - and so speedup
            the KDE compilation majorly (runtime should improve, too)
r3200 * merged r2837 from trunk:
          * updated kde (3.2.2)
r3201 * merged r2863 from trunk:
          * updated qt (3.3.2)
r3202 * merged r2891 from trunk:
          * added a config option to kdelibs allowing API documentation to be
            generated, especially useful to developers
r3203 * merged r2893 from trunk:
          * enabled samba support in kdebase if available
r3204 * merged r2951 from trunk:
          * updated k3b (0.11.9)
r3205 * merged r2853 from trunk:
          * fixed cksum for kdeaddons (was auto-checksum sed issue)
r3206 * merged r3018 from trunk:
          * updated koffice and fixed it for at least gcc-3.4.0
r3207 * merged r2763 from trunk:
          * updated rocklinux-consuliting.de download URLs (server seperation)
r3208 * merged r2899 from trunk:
          * updated linux24benh (2.4.25-benh1-rxr)
          * applied copyright updates (as people should always during updates)
r3209 * merged r2948 from trunk:
          * improved mol and linux-mol .desc files
r3210 * merged r3021 and r3022 from trunk:
          * updated macosd (0.1.4)
r3211 * merged r2754 from trunk:
          * better cleaning of temporary files in sysfiles/system.init:
            (in the case of filenames with spaces)
r3212 * merged r2925 from trunk:
          * improved Stone install mod: ask user if we should reboot now.
            (It seams like reading the text and typing 'shutdown -r now'
             is a big challange for some people when installing... ;-)
r3213 * merged r2932 from trunk:
          * stone's mod_setup, sources setup_*.sh files to let misc packages to
            add their own postinstall scripts. (which don't deserve an own 
            module because they will run only once)
r3216 * merged r3007 from trunk:
          * added a /etc/conf/sound example to prevent Esden from leaving ROCK

*) 2004-06-15

Rene Rebe:

r3217 * merged r3027,r3029,r3049,r3127 and r3180from trunk:
          * first patchset to make ROCK Net more useable by adding error
            detections (such as diagnostics if the interface/profile combination
            was not know and so nothing done)
          * fixed typos in ifup (useage -> usage ...)
          * speedup
          * register active interfaces in /var/run/rocknet/active-interfaces
          * make if{up,down} warn when the interface is active/unactive
            (supressable with -force)
          * fixed the ROCK Net imrpovement patch + stray ; removal
          * fixed stone/rocknet: explicit netmask to clarify about the ip keyword
          * fixed sort usage
          * fixed not to display removed (empty) tags
          * fixed not to interprete embedded # as comment - as rocknet itself
            does not do anymore (for e.g. for t-online passwords ...)
          * seperated the tag selection into module and seperate tag menu
r3218 * merged r3148 from trunk:
          * fixed the stone setup module to create cdrom and floppy instead of
            cdrom0 and floppy0 (and thus also match the stone package module
            and be more readable / standard)
r3219 * merged r2649, r2982 and r2988 from trunk:
          * remove obsolete hack from mozilla.conf
          * vast x11/mozilla cleanups and modularization
          * honoring prefix correctly ...
          * added thunderbird and firefox (both inheriting mozilla build system)
r3220 * cosmetic change: gnome24 -> gnome2 for easier merging with trunk
r3221 * merged r2989 from trunk:
          * updated galeon (1.3.14a) and epiphany (1.2.5), fixed them for
            our fixed mozilla (...)
r3223 * merged r3159 and r3222 from trunk:
          * enabled kernel drivers necessary for newer Apple desktops and G4
          * forced preemption to be disabled for PowerPC (globally)
          * changed the PowerPC optimizations names for 745x to G4 and G4+
r3224 * merged r2731 from trunk:
          * updated mol (0.9.70)
r3226 * merged r3225 from trunk:
          * added linux2{4,6} patches for the recent fpu-state bug
r3227 * merged r2955 and r2956 from trunk:
          * implemented per xsrctar patches (*.patch.tarbase)
          * cleaned kasc/openh323, rene/xine due to new per xsrctar
            patchfile automatic (only partly tested)
          * removed lingering patch from rene/coda

*) 2004-06-16

Rene Rebe:

r3228 * merged r2674 from trunk:
          * the missing package/kde/kdebase/kcmartsrc
r3230 * merged r3229 from trunk:
          * fixed kdelib apidox config option usage
r3231 * merged r2878 and r2879 from trunk:
          * fixed iproute2 to build wihtout bdb33 (not only check for stage <= 1)
          * removed the useless optimization flag passed to $CC ...

*) 2004-06-17

Rene Rebe:

r3297 * merged r3296 from trunk:
          * updated macosd (0.1.7)

*) 2004-06-18

Rene Rebe:

r3310 * added pkgconfig to minimal+free pkgsel template
r3311 * converted xpdf to a more new-style .conf, automatically applying the
          patches with the new per xtar patchfile encoding
        * fixed xpdf to build when tetex is not installed
r3313 * fixed ROCK Net README links
r3315 * merged r2734 from trunk:
          * fixed wrong daemon patch in x86/intel-rng (bin -> sbin)
r3316 * merged r2735 from trunk:
          * added an init file for postfix
r3317 * merged r2743 and r2751 from trunk:
          * the next .init files cleanup round - some major bugs have been fixed
            (killing some .init's itself from underneath, one .init was not even
            a ROCK meta .init file ...), some have only be touched for unifi-
            cation reasons - and some D_prefix have been left - since they do
            not present a bug ...
r3318 * merged r3017 from trunk:
          * exports real $sysconfdir of spamassassin
          * adds spamassasin's init for runit
r3319 * merged r3161 and r3162from trunk:
          * updated bluez -libs and -utils to 2.7
          * remove bluez-pan and bluez-sdp, they're now part of -utils
r3320 * merged r3249 from trunk:
          * fixed sysvinit to display the restart option in the usage, even if
            the default restart is used

*) 2004-06-19

Rene Rebe:

r3323 * merged r3051 from trunk:
          * updated samba (3.0.4)
r3324 * merged r2695 from trunk:
          * update apache (2.0.49)

*) 2004-06-22

Rene Rebe:

r3328 * merged r3325 from trunk:
          * updated xvid (0.9.1 -> 1.0.1)
r3331 * merged r3330 from trunk:
          * fixed STONE Network module in some global tag handling corner
          * cleaned interface adding on the way
r3333 * merged r3332 from trunk:
          * fixed the iptables ROCK Net module to properly remove masquerade
            and clam-mtu rules

*) 2004-06-23

Rene Rebe:

r3334 * merged r2983 and r3299 from trunk:
          * fixed thunderbird prefix - should of course be thunderbird
          * updated mozilla, firefox and thunderbird

*) 2004-06-25

Rene Rebe:

r3386 * merged r2990 and r3385 from trunk:
          * fixed bdb* patch names: mayor -> major
          * fixed bdb42 .a file to contain the .o files rather than the .la
r3387 * merged r2960, r3288 and r3367 from trunk:
          * updated package wine (20040505) and updated the license field
          * fixed wine for PowerPC (and adapted the [R] tag - only x86 and
            powerpc locking is implemented - sparc does only work on Solaris)
          * updated wine (20040615)

*) 2004-06-26

Rene Rebe:

r3394 * merged r2949 from trunk:
          * added package e2fsimage
r3395 * merged r3037 from trunk:
          * added package device-mapper
r3396 * merged r3038 from trunk:
          * added package lvm2
r3397 * merged r2792 from trunk:
          * fixed busybox install
r3404 * finally fixed the -pthread issue w/ this /damn/ glib ...
r3405 * added a minimal-desktop package preselection template
          (used for the Linux Intern CD in the kiosks next month)
r3406 * merged r2962 from trunk:
          * removed obsolete bluez-utils patch
          * updated bluez-hcidump (1.8)
r3407 * added a .la sanity check to functions - currently it searches for
          occurrences of -pthread (the famous one) in the files and aborts the
          package build when present ... (to be removed again in the future)
r3408 * merged r3308 from trunk:
          * updated linux26 (2.6.7) - and blacklisted the two sound modules
            that do not bulid on PowerPC due to missing isapnp symbols
r3409 * build uml_utilties in stage5 (so they are not included in the bootdisk)
r3410 * cosmetic status output fix and using the compressed image on sparc
r3411 * removed the sparc boot.msk . terminator present from the PowerPC copy
        * fixed the silo.conf to use the right ramdisk and ramdisk size

*) 2004-06-27

Rene Rebe:

r3414 * merged r3412 from trunk:
          * fixed a comment in the example devfsd.conf
          * added the kind of "official" devfsd patch to use /etc/modprobe.devfs
            when running with a 2.5/2.6+ kernel
          * fixed the module-init-tools to install the default modprobe.devfs

*) 2004-06-28

Rene Rebe:

r3419 * downdated galeon and epiphany (gtk-2.2 ...) and mozilla to get those
          ancient galeon and epiphany version to compile ...

Sincerely yours,
  René Rebe
    - ROCK Linux stable release maintainer

René Rebe - Europe/Germany/Berlin
http://www.rocklinux.org http://www.rocklinux-consulting.de
http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/gsmp http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/rene

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