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Author: Thomas \"fake\" Jakobi
To: rock-devel
Subject: [rock-devel] ROCK Linux DevMeeting 2004 roundup

as the devmeeting will start officially tomorrow i want to sum up who
will come for sure and who still hasn't confirmed/canceled his presence
finally yet.

People whom i know they'll attend:
- - clifford (already here)
- - daja77 (arriving late thursday / early friday)
- - stefan fiedler (arriving friday noon)
- - SMP (virtually via VoIP)
- - Lorini (arrives saturday by train)
- - me

People i'm not fully informed about yet:
- - Juergen Sawinski (nothing sure yet)
- - Rene and Valentin (will you come by train?)
- - Esden : what's up?
- - Praenti: when will you show up?
- - Owl & True: dito

Please provide me with more information
Blindcoder canceled his participation due to high workload...

have a safe and trip!


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