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Author: Clifford Wolf
To: ROCK Developers
Subject: [rock-devel] Crystal ROCK

I've just sent the patch to submaster which adds the crystal rock target:


"Crystal ROCK", as decided at the dev meeting some months ago, will be the
official ROCK Linux based general purpose distribution. It only has a small
number of packages (currently 233) to cove most desktop and server uses of
linux systems. Other than the other targets, the Crystal ROCK package
selection is done using a new package flag (CORE). In the future there will
be special testcases added for all packages with a CORE flag to improve the
stability of thos packages.

Crystal ROCK will only have one solution to a problem. So it only has KDE
(some gnome libs are there, but not the GNOME Desktop itself), the MTA is
postfix, the Printing System is CUPS, etc. Flamewars on which package is
better and if this selection should be change may start NOW. ;-)

Also please suggest new packages to be added to the list of CORE packages
(or packages which should be removed). I'm open for all suggestions.

The total size of a full install (x86) of Crystal ROCK is right now at
about 2 GB and the GEM packages are 675 MB (286 MB are :doc, :dev and linux
source packages). It would be great to keep it small enough to have the
"real system" (without :dev, :doc and linux source) on one CD.

 - clifford

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