[rock-devel] improved 'rocket' in new mine 0.22

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Author: Clifford Wolf
To: ROCK Developers
Subject: [rock-devel] improved 'rocket' in new mine 0.22

I've released mine 0.22 today. the postinstall stuff from stf now found its
way into the official mine sources and I have done many improvements in
the 'rocket' tool.

for those who do not know what 'rocket' is: it is the ROCK Linux meta
package manager (like 'apt' for 'dpkg' in debian). it can handle network
archives with .gem package files, search for packages, etc.

the configuration file /etc/rocket.conf has URLs of such .gem archives.
E.g. on my test machine it is just a local archive:

archive file:///data/..../pkgs

the command 'rocket update' is used to recreate the local package index.
after that it is possible to install and update packages with 'rocket
install'. E.g.:

# rocket install cpan-svn-mirror
You requested for install:
The following dependencies are automatically added:
        cpan-term-readkey cpan-class-accessor-fast cpan-class-methodmaker
Do you want to continue? [Y/n]
+ mine -i 'file:///data/..../pkgs/cpan-svn-mirror-0.64-0.gem'
+ mine -i 'file:///data/..../pkgs/cpan-term-readkey-2.30-0.gem'
+ mine -i 'file:///data/..../pkgs/cpan-class-accessor-fast-0.19-0.gem'
+ mine -i 'file:///data/..../pkgs/cpan-class-methodmaker-2.07-0.gem'

searching packages is done with 'rocket search' and 'rocket list'. The
first one searches in the package descriptions, the 2nd one in the package
filename. E.g.:

# rocket list subversion
i subversion A compelling replacement for CVS
i subversion:apache A compelling replacement for CVS
i subversion:dev A compelling replacement for CVS
. subversion:doc A compelling replacement for CVS
i subversion:server A compelling replacement for CVS

there is still much room for further improvements, but it is already pretty
useable now.

creating a .gem archive is pretty easy: simply put the *.gem files in a
directory, run 'rocket index' in this directory to create the packages.db
file and make it accessable with http or ftp.

This is not in ROCK Linux TRUNK right now. So you need to apply the
following two patches and rebuild mine (aka "rocket emerge mine") on your


please test and send feedback!

 - clifford



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