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Author: Benjamin Schieder
To: ROCK Development Mailing List
Subject: [rock-devel] Why we need a new release
Hi list.

We need a new release, and we need it soon. Why? Here's a few reasons:

1. Just look at www.rocklinux.net, section "ROCK Linux News". Recognize
   anything? This "News" entry is 18 months OLD! Not to mention that the link
   is dead. The "Update" box... ehm... does it show anything else besides
   Dilbert and Userfriendly comic announcements?
   The "Security" box has at least 4 dead links.

2. The Bug Tracking System is a joke. Noone is really using it. It contains bugs
   that are now 2.5 YEARS old. Obviously, nobody cares about them.

This leads to 3. Everybody thinks ROCK Linux is DEAD. Let me spell it:

                          D        E        A        D

   Dead. Unmaintained. Stopped working on it. In the last few days since I
   released LVP, the overwhelming majority of feedback was: ROCK Linux? Is
   that even still maintained? I though everybody stopped working on it.

   Don't believe me? Just look at the Pro Linux announcements comments:

So, I ask the Triumvirate of patch appliers: Tobias, Thomas, Clifford:
We need a _serious_ Roadmap to the next release. A "when we have a nice iso"
just doesn't cut it.

If we don't do a release soon, we might as well make the public view on ROCK
a reality.


Benjamin 'blindCoder' Schieder
Registered Linux User #289529: http://counter.li.org
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