ROCK Linux FTP Mirrors

FTP Mirrors

You can download the ROCK Linux Package Sources required for building ROCK Linux from our FTP Mirrors. Usually this is done with the "./scripts/Download" script which is bundled with the ROCK Linux Sources.

MirrorLast UpdateContact
Austria - (HTTP) Mirror unreachable. Antonin Sprinzl (Antonin[dot]Sprinzl[at]tuwien[dot]ac[dot]at)
Austria - (HTTP) Mirror unreachable. Michael Renner (robe[at]amd[dot]co[dot]at)
Germany - (FTP) Mirror unreachable. Holger Grothe (grothe[at]mathematik[dot]tu-darmstadt[dot]de)
Germany - (FTP) 11/22/09 23:50:01 UTC FTP Admin (emoenke[at]gwdg[dot]de)
USA - (HTTP) Mirror unreachable. Neil Bright (ncb[at]cc[dot]gatech[dot]edu)
Czech - (HTTP) Mirror unreachable. Marian Schubert (M[dot]Schubert[at]sh[dot]cvut[dot]cz)
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Or using rsync from 'rsync://' (Austria).

If you find that some mirrors are not updating or want to get your ROCK Linux mirror listed here, please let me know.