The ROCK/UML Project

Project Details

The ROCK/UML Project aims to create a ROCK sub-distribution who can be installed, primarily, under ROCK - providing tools to quickly and easily set up virtual servers.

Some of the things that has been discussed as items to be implemented are:

We will need a better, more detailed, list of requirements than outlined above. From that, we can then derive a Technical Specification, a Software Workbook and the relevant testplans to ensure that all is working well and that releases are working as they were intended and with the functionality agreed.

Comments, suggestions and questions welcome.


Draft Document for setting up UML networking in ROCK. Text Version, HTML Version
Example UML kernel config.

Links to various bits

Some links to various bits from the Draft Document mentioned above.

Last (known) release of the Bridge Utils package.
The UML NetFast patch.
The package containing tuncfg.c and tun_patch.
The UML page at Sourceforge.

A small page detailing who I (Anders Karlsson) am, and a crappy little picture showing what I look like.

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