[rock-devel] Announce: T2 2.1.0-alpha (fwd)

René Rebe rene at rocklinux-consulting.de
Mon Oct 4 23:11:10 CEST 2004


Clifford Wolf wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 04, 2004 at 09:44:20PM +0200, Valentin Ziegler wrote:
>>Rene's point was to tell you that the t2 tree is open for everyone who is
>>seriously interessted in contributing - the point was not to compare
>>developer numbers / activity ...
> hmm.. "open". so is the ROCK Linux tree and thats the whole point of
> submaster. comparing "the number of people who have write access" just show
> that rene still hasn't understood the idea behind submaster...
> In fact the ROCK Linux tree is open to everyone who has access to the
> internet - and not just to seven people. and everyone who calls rock linux
> a "closed project" because we are using submaster just doesn't know what he
> is talking about!

Clifford, one and forever, we are not interested in your submaster junk. 
Stop trying selling it. You do not need to try to explain me (or us) 
again why it is different from collecting pathces from a mailing list 
and applying them every two weeks. Of course anyone actively 
contributing to the project get write access - the number "7" is not 
written in stone. That number 7 has not yet commited anything 
specifically to T2 has s.th. todo with wirting a diploma thesis and 
raising a child ;-)


 > But then you should not use the missleading name "ROCK Linux" in your
 > domain name and should not use the ROCK Linux infrastructure for
 > sending announces containing bullshit information about the real ROCK
 > Linux!

This domain only exist because I invested a huge part of my life into 
ROCK Linux and was amazingly disappointed. Instead of ranting and 
pissing on me in the last month you could accept that.

Btw: For 10EUR it is yours for the remaining 10 months of registration 
or so ...

That we will have another domain is already stated clearly on the T2 page:

"* searching a cool project name ;-)!
  * registering such a domain and setup Typo3 for it"

And before you get upset that I forked once again, do not forget how 
much code I contributed. Starting from all the dRock code, to 
implementing the creation of a real cross compiler (remeber the include, 
and precompiled object mess you had in ROCK before, ...) to all the 
other maintenance and cleanup work I did _over the year_s__.

I skip the other random noise in favour of real-life.

PS: Maybe it is a nice time starting to think about why you always lost 
so many developers in ROCK. Just a thought.

René Rebe - Rubensstr. 64 - 12157 Berlin (Europe / Germany)
             +49 (0)30  255 897 45

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