[rock-devel] [rock-sm] 2006020522253706229 blindcoder msg why not call both patches .patch.arm so

Stefan Fiedler stefan.fiedler at students.jku.at
Mon Feb 6 16:41:36 CET 2006

Am Sonntag 05 Februar 2006 22:34 schrieb submaster at rocklinux.org:
> Open Patch: 2006020522253706229 [by stf]                             + stf
> Stefan Fiedler:
>         glibc23: add two patches which make glibc23 cross-compile for ARM
> VOTECHECK: Needs a positive vote from (fake), (clifford) or (stefanp).
> (blindcoder) why not call both patches .patch.arm so they are only
> applied for arm architecture?
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>- https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2006020522253706229

I found the first patch (arm-ctl_bus_isa.patch) in the crosstool patch 
repository and followed the use of crosstool which applies 
arm-ctl_bus_isa.patch to glibc23 for all architecures. The same goes for the 
gcc34 ARM patch, btw. 

(Crosstool is a tool for building cross-toolchains and cross-compiled Linux 
kernels, see http://www.kegel.com/crosstool/ . Besides numerous related 
patches, this web page offers test results and build logs for many 
architecture/gcc/glibc/kernel combinations.)

The second patch, otoh, comes from me and is needed to cross-compile glibc 
2.3.6 for ARM (and sparc32 and sparc64, but I'll come back to them later). It 
is a cross.arm only patch because I don't know wether it's needed for native 
ARM builds and it certainly causes errors for native x86 builds.

Btw. with the related patches in SubMaster I was able to cross-build a small 
generic target for ARM, including the linux26 kernel, and successfully test 
the kernel and programs on the ARM hardware emulated by qemu. :)

With best regards,
	Stefan Fiedler

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