[rock-user] [rock-linux] [ANNOUNCE] ROCK Linux - v2.0.0 (yes, -final) (Rafaella)

Rene Rebe rene at rocklinux-consulting.de
Sat Mar 6 15:03:21 CET 2004


finally (yes - finally) we decided to tag 2.0.0(-final) - here at the
Chemnitzer Linux Tag 2004.

Binary images for x86 (desktop) are online - PowerPC and SPARC (yes -
dual-bootable SPARC / SPARC64) ISOs will follow, soon.


  Although we worked hard to make the 2.0 series stable (and IMHO it
  is the most stable series we ever experienced) we cannot test all
  hardware combinations and still have some bugs inside the Bug

  Minor maintenenance releases will follow in the usual OpenSource
  release early release often cycle.



  After the 18C3 (18th Chaos Communication Congress) the ROCK Linux
  developers agreed on a major redesign of many parts of the ROCK
  Linux build system. With this changes modifying many aspects of the
  build process is possible for a target compilation.

  Uniting the ROCK Linux and Desktop ROCK Linux package database has
  the advantages of: eliminating waste of developer time due to
  package and security updates needed to be performed in both trees,
  eliminating waste of developer time due to creating the same basic
  technology for new gcc/glibc environments, keeping the architecture-
  ports in sync and fixing more bugs because more eyes read the
  source. In one sentence: We will be able to archive more in shorter
  time ;-)


  Stable 2.0 source tree (Subversion):
    mirror: http://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    mirror: svn://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: svn://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/

    (For a tiny SVN how-to see http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/)

  Binary releases main server:

  Binary releases mirror sites:

Sincerely yours,
  René Rebe
    - ROCK Linux stable release maintainer

René Rebe - Europe/Germany/Berlin
  rene at rocklinux.org rene at rocklinux-consulting.de
http://www.rocklinux.org http://www.rocklinux-consulting.de
http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/gsmp http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/rene

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