[rock-user] [ANNOUNCE] ROCK Linux - v2.0.3

Tobias Hintze th at rocklinux.org
Tue Nov 23 11:39:47 CET 2004

This is the official announcement of the release and availability of
"ROCK Linux - v2.0.3". This version has been tagged from 2.0-stable branch
at revision 4795 on November 14th 2004. The following binaries have been
made available some days later:

"buildbootstrap" - a minimal build system (generic target)
"crystal-emu" - an emulation of the crystal-distribution (generic target)
"rescue" - rescue target; including bootable cd-image

Most important URLs:
All these binary releases are available at:

A snapshot of the sources at revision 4795 is available at:

Sources are available via subversion at this url:

(for more details on how to get ROCK Linux
see http://www.rocklinux.org/rock20down.html)

Most important changes:
All build errors have been fixed at least for the x86 architecture.

Tons of updates got merged from trunk.

The new "build-bootstrap" package selection provides a small set of packages
necessary to build everything else. This package selection is used for the
"reference build system" to provide cache-files and binary releases.

Personal side note:
As you already noticed it's me being the new stable-release maintainer
of ROCK Linux. If you have any wishes/requests or questions about the policy
regarding patches, merge-backs, or updates - don't hesitate to contact me.
Thanks to the whole "ROCK Linux"-crew for supporting me that well doing my
new job.

sincerely yours,
tobias hintze
Tobias Hintze http://hbs-solutions.de
HBS solutions GbR - Network & Information Systems

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