[SPL] SPL 1.0pre6 Released

Clifford Wolf clifford at clifford.at
Tue Nov 17 11:50:11 CET 2009


I have released SPL 1.0pre6 a few minutes ago. It can be downloaded as
usual from the website:


This is primarily a bugfix release with all the tiny fixes from the last year.

It however contains one change that might break existing scripts: The
untyped division operator '/' now always generates a floating point value
even when both operands are integers (like in perl and in python 3).

Use the typed integer division operator '#/' to force a pure integer

The Qt3 bindings are now disabled by default because they do not work
with Qt4 as they are and I have no plans of porting it to Qt4. It can
still be enabled manually in syscheck.sh if needed.

happy hacking,
 - clifford

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