ROCK Subversion Repositories

  SVN Repositories
  • rock-linux   [ HTTP | HTTPS | SVN ]
    The ROCK Linux source tree.

  • ccbench   [ HTTP | HTTPS | SVN ]
    The ROCK Linux C Compiler Benchmark.

  • hwscan   [ HTTP | HTTPS | SVN ]
    A hardware scanning package.

  • mine   [ HTTP | HTTPS | SVN ]
    The GEM Module INstall Environment (package manager).

  • rockplug   [ HTTP | HTTPS | SVN ]
    The compelling replacement for the hotplug package.

  • submaster   [ HTTP | HTTPS | SVN ]
    An extension for Subversion for distributed use, incl. a server side for patch management.

  Using Subversion
The server provides access by WebDAV (Apache 2) protoocol via HTTP and HTTPS. To perform a normal source checkout just run:

svn co$project/trunk $project
svn co svn://$project/trunk $project

On this server Apache is also listening on port 81. So if you experience a problem with a proxy: try port 81 :-).

Commits are only allowed using HTTPS, not using the un-encrypted HTTP and SVN protocols.

There is also a full Subversion Handbook available online.