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Author: Rene Rebe
To: rock-linux
Subject: [rock-linux] [ANNOUNCE] ROCK Linux - v2.0.0-rc2

here comes the official announcement of the extremely delayed
2.0.0-rc2 release. I'm really sorry that I had not the time in the
last month to perform the final testing and polishing.

As you can see in the CHANGELOG I just merged the most important
show-stoppers back from the trunk's HEAD.

I estimate / schedule the release of -rc3 for the next weekend (it
will be tagged in some hours) and a -rc4 with mostly only the rocknet
integration and a new polished rockplug a week after.

Binaries are already on-line for the generic target, and will be
provided for PowerPC when the rs6k finished the build ...

I have a desktop build here, but I'm not yet sure if I find the time
to fully test it - or if I invest all the time into -rc3 ...


  This is a "Release Candidate" release. Although we worked hard to
  make the 2.0 series stable (and IMHO it is the most stable series we
  ever experienced) we cannot test all hardware combinations and still
  have some bugs inside the Bug tracker.

  There is still some work left before the stable ROCK Linux 2.0
  release scheduled for Q3 2003!

  Desktop binaries are be available for x86 - PPC incl. rs6k support
  will follow soon.


  After the 18C3 (18th Chaos Communication Congress) the ROCK Linux
  developers agreed on a major redesign of many parts of the ROCK
  Linux build system. With this changes modifying many aspects of the
  build process is possible for a target compilation.

  Uniting the ROCK Linux and Desktop ROCK Linux package database has
  the advantages of: eliminating waste of developer time due to
  package and security updates needed to be performed in both trees,
  eliminating waste of developer time due to creating the same basic
  technology for new gcc/glibc environments, keeping the
  architecture-ports in sync and fixing more bugs because more eyes
  read the source. In one sentence: We will be able to archive more in
  shorter time ;-)


  Stable 2.0 source tree (Subversion):
    master: http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    master: svn://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    mirror: http://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/
    mirror: svn://svn2.rocklinux-consulting.de/rock-linux/

    (For a tiny SVN how-to see http://svn.rocklinux-consulting.de/)

  Binary releases main server:

  Binary releases mirror sites:


*) 2003-11-14 (merged from trunk)

 - fixed postflist_static_lib to also copy sym-links (e.g. if they dead links)
 - fixed stage-9 horror by removing dstructive code from readline.conf (r1723)
 - fixed ncurses in stage 9 (some more one-step-install.patch stuff) (r1729)
 - Michael Obster: fixed compilation of xfsprogs (r1690)
 - fixed screen's va_list useage (again - only visible on non-x86 system)
 - Mine/gasgui "Full install" fix (bug reported by daja77) (parts of r1715)

*) 2003-10-18 (2.0.0-rc2 - 2.0.0-rc3)

 - Alan Wylie: updated fetchmail
 - Mathieu Doidy: updated lftp (2.6.8) and added liferea
 - Dimitar Zhekov: bootdisk fixes
                   devfsd 'hardware' rewrite
 - Chris Hamilton: pine exposing c-client.a and the possibility to modify the
                   build type (e.g. to build with PAM support if available)
 - pine cleanup

*) 2003-10-17 (2.0.0-rc2 - 2.0.0-rc3)

 - Mathieu Doidy: updates bitlbee (0.81a)

*) 2003-10-07 (2.0.0-rc2 - 2.0.0-rc3)

 - Dimitar Zhekov: updated gentoo file manager
 - Benjamin Schieder: fixed ncurses

*) 2003-10-06 (2.0.0-rc2 - 2.0.0-rc3)

 - Mathieu Doidy: updated the [M] tags for his new mail address
                  added mpc,mpd and gtk2m
                  added [U] tags for doxygen

*) 2003-10-05 (2.0.0-rc2 - 2.0.0-rc3)

 - bumped version
 - Mathieu: fixed typo in Build-Pkg
            updated easytag and alsa-driver and added an init script for atd
 - Juergen Sawinski: fixed rene/bsd-games, misc/directfb and rene/xawtv
 - Dimitar Zhekov: kiss documentation permission fix
                   mc syntax files permission fix
 - fake: removed fake/libmpeg3

*) 2003-10-01 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed xjdic23 to build correclty and for random return value e.g. PowerPC
 - Andreas V. Meier: added avm/aalib
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated courier-imap and maildrop
 - Dimitar Zhekov: fixed xfree86-cyrillic-fonts
 - reverted (hopefully all) lib/*.{a.la} - > usr/lib/ changes and replaced
   the code with a post-flist solution which works more package independet
   and allows the adaption of the .la files

*) 2003-09-30 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Dimitar Zhekov: xfree86 xfs.init installation name fix
                   addde xfree86-cyrillic-fonts package
 - fixed vim and libvte
 - updated openssl and evas

*) 2003-09-29 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated elf, ethereal, rrdtool, snmpsession-0.98 and
                       added infinity, nebulus and xmms-crossfade
 - Benjamin Schieder: added hddtemp
 - Clifford Wolf: mine hotfix
 - Kasza Karoly: fixed usbutils url and scripts/Download to create the download
                 directory early
 - fixed Emerge-Pkg to be able to process multiple packages at once
 - Tobias Hintze: added pekwm and xosview
 - Dimitar Zhekov: updated mplayer

*) 2003-09-28 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Stefan Gutschireiter: vlan contains binaires to be removed with "make clean"
 - Juergen Sawinski: disabled gtk-doc for gnome14/2
                     updated jsaw/bibletime, scribus and freetype
                     added jsaw/openjade
                     fixed the category of k3b and pixieplus
                     enabled utf8 support in pcre
                     we need to copy more header files in x11/mozilla
                     fixed the bootdisk build
 - Alejandro Mery: fixed samba - smbadduser
                   added chkrootkit
                   updated xfce (4.0.0) and perl (5.8.1)
 - Andreas V. Meier and Rene Rebe: fixed and cleanup of xdu
 - Daniel Pischl: updated icewm

*) 2003-09-27 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - updated subversion and koffice
 - Andreas V. Meier: updated paragui and fixed it for python-2.3

*) 2003-09-26 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Dimitar Zhekov: bash use installed readline option
                   fixed reroot in makeimages.sh
                   disable lilo test4 / pseudo.b
                   updated xmms
                   some explicit --enable-shared --disable-static overwrites
                   tiny cleanups / fixes
                   ne documentation copy fix
                   small mplayer cleanup
 - removed alsa-xmms (since xmms now includes a ALSA plugin)
 - Alejandro Mery: linux24 - mkdep: "Argument list too long" fix
                   updated stackprotector for gcc33 and 2.95
                   .cache files for mnemoc repository's 'O' packages
                   updated samba (3.0.0 FINAL!)
 - Jan Veninga: fixed linux24 to use KCC also for sparc64
 - Benjamin Schieder: some blindcoder updates
 - Michael Obster: praenti/ddd version update (3.3.7)
 - updated pbbuttons and xemacs
 - Mathieu: updated bittorrent (3.3)
 - fixed emacs for powerpc (and removed already disabled patch)
 - disabled MMIO for SYM53C8XX on sparc: it does crash reproduceable on my U5
 - Daniel Pischl: updated xchat
 - fixed lx_config to not magle x86_64

*) 2003-09-24 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Alejandro Mery: fixed python patch

*) 2003-09-23 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Alejandro Mery: fixed ncurses: +x *.so and libcurses.a
                   adde runit (sysvinit replacement)
                   libtool and /lib -> /usr/lib
 - Stefan Paletta: updated python (2.3) and other stefanp repository updates
                   openhbci/gnucash updates and fixes
 - Jan Veninga: sparc kernel-disable.list
 - Alejandro Mery / Rene Rebe: added make check/test regression test option
 - added superkaramba
 - updated openssh

*) 2003-09-21 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed findutils to install xargs in /bin and create a /usr/bin symlink
   (this undos parts of rev 660)

*) 2003-09-20 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - added pmg321

*) 2003-09-19 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Jan Veninga: linux24-header-cross must also be latest linux version
                Build-Target does not build broken-flagged packages
 - Alejandro Mery: /lib/*.{a,la} -> /usr/lib/, and a related fix for ncurses
                   fixed e2fsprogs to support wrapped install of static libs
 - added hppa (parisc) architecture definitions
 - sparc kernel and config work

*) 2003-09-18 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - updated sendmail and kde
 - fixed mod_stone_yaboot to work when the CD rom is on the master IDE channel
   and the hard-disc on the slave (the PowerBook default ?!?)
 - Oliver Regehr: fixed linux* for alpha
 - fixed xfree86 to not run fc-cache (and so depend on all font packages)
 - more bootdisk space saving (we do not need .a libraries)
 - darkglass update
 - architecture/sparc cleanup, convertion of static kernel conf to a dunamic
   m4 macro one

*) 2003-09-17 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed linux24 linux24benh ppc/config.in to allow to set CONFIG_PPC_RTC
 - bootdisk size reductions (a couple MB)
 - Clifford Wolf: no broken deps config option (#99)
 - Jan Veninga: fixed snort

*) 2003-09-16 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - updated openssh and nmap
 - futher jail cleanups and the new includedir addition
 - Alejandro Mery: fixes to mnemoc
 - Daniel Pischl: IceWM
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: added openslp
 - added darkglass and macosd
 - updated openssh (again ... - PLEASE UPDATE !!!)

*) 2003-09-15 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed bitlbee to use a better sysconfdir when installed into opt/
 - improved the exim package to honor prefix, made it jail-able
 - improvements and some tiny clenups in misc/jailing
 - the stone isntall module now lists the guessed partition content
 - Mathieu: (real) support for .Z files, fix for dcc
 - Alejandro Mery: fixed auto-mantainer in misc/newpackage.sh
 - Stefan Paletta: implemented enlightenment category
 - Mathieu: updated gnomemeeting and lftp
 - Dimitar Zhekov: fix gcc3 optimisation
 - Sirkull: dcc update
 - Alejandro Mery: fix to handle /share and /include when prefix=''
 - some work on Emerge-Pkg

*) 2003-09-14 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - added enlightenment category (#89)
 - updated epiphany and galeon13
 - hardcoded to remove the libgd dependency from glibc23
 - fixed RTC for PowerPC
 - updated pine (hotfix still applied and sent upstream, now ...)
 - enabled the nv driver for xfree86 on powerpc - and cleanup
 - updated mc

*) 2003-09-13 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Alejandro Mery: fixed ncurses/zlib to install into /, fixed ncompress
                   download location and updated smartmontools
 - updated exim and spamassassin
 - Dimitar Zhekov: linux config style fixes, pkgsel rules in submenu, fixed
                   xfree86 to not install config .bak files, zgv clarification,
                   fixed some pkgcheck mis-use
 - fixed a typo in xjdic - which never could have been build!
 - Alejandro Mery: updated lvs and keepalived
 - Mathieu: bitlbee sysconfdir fix, cleaned and fixed eterm16, version
            updates for libxml2 gst-plugins gstreamer and gkrellm and added
            subversion checksum

*) 2003-09-12 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed apache datadir utilization

*) 2003-09-11 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Stefan Paletta:  added runpysetup to fix the compilation of python
 - documented pyconfopt

*) 2003-09-10 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Alejandro Mery: fixed xfree config.in, fixed typo in Build-Tools and
                   Cleanup to skip svn conflict files
 - updated kopete, sodipodi, neon, subversion and subversion-static
 - fixed modutils to install the lsmod into $root/bin (as module-init-tools
 - improved svn-static to include the $arch_machine into the binary name
 - fixed functional bug in mew

*) 2003-09-09 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Dimitar Zhekov: fxed kbd for DevFS and DevPTS and config option for w3m
                   build style
 - Dennis Wecker: sylpheed
 - Piotr Esden-Tempski: curl dietlibc fix V2
 - added xinerama option to xfree86
 - Stefan Paletta: fix mkpkg and fl_stparse
 - Alejandro Mery: updates to mnemoc incl. bohem-gc/mono fixes
 - Clifford Wolf: fixed strace useage in Build-Pkg
 - fixed openldap to install the .init (#109)
 - Dimitar Zhekov: fixed mplayer doc copy, enabled mp3x in lame, fixed
                   xfree86-doc, added xfce4 session manager, fixed cd ; echo,
                   added new lilo config optionsm, added stone to the
                   2nd_stage_small incl. further space optimizations, cleanup
                   of some stone modules and a shell gasgui implementation,
                   fixed the new linux configuration code for the none-style
                   case, fixed gdb to use the installed readline
 - fixed linux24-src for treever non-numeric content (e.g. linux24benh-src)

*) 2003-09-07 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Sebastian Jaenicke: slrn patches
 - moved python setup.py support into scripts/functions - obsoleting some
   $pkg.conf files
 - disabled arithmethic (libm) functions in gawk when dietlibc is used -
   non-x86 architectures do not have a libm when dietlibc is used (this is
   a hack and should be fixed with real support inside dietlibc ...)
 - bootdisk target cleanup and tiny refactoring to make it possible to skip
   the /boot directory content from the bootdisk (on PowerPC the 2nd stage
   increased to over 64MB ...)
 - mp3info: removed gcc33 patch (does not apply) and cleanups
 - fixed pcse-lite, xtris and koules to not create a /usr/local file
   (+ some cleanups)
 - fixed autotrace category to make it pass paranoia checks and so build

*) 2003-09-06 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed nvrec and libsdl_gfx for non x86 builds
 - implemented fully static kernel configuration without
   any automated generation

*) 2003-09-05 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - switched to a self-packaged drm snapshot from dri.sf.net (this
   way we can always just package the snapshot we now that works and
   do not rely on other distibutions people's export that are often
   out of date or do not work at all)
 - fixed vnc and mjpegtools for powerpc
 - fixed clanlib and longrun for non-x86
 - disabled lm_sensors for powerpc as long as we need the benh kernel
 - some linux26 powerpc fixes - still needs more
 - fixed linux* powerpc build scritp issue where IFS is not set correctly
 - linux24 i2c update

*) 2003-09-03 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed linux* and linux24 (horizon driver issue) for powerpc
 - updated linux24benh

*) 2003-09-02 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated bsd-games and ircii
 - Dimitar Zhekov: updated jimmy repository and added xfce4 repository
 - Alejandro Mery: boehm-gc - complete integration

*) 2003-09-01 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - updated wv2 and koffice
 - Andreas V. Meier: fixed create_package_db
 - added plastik theme - which is also already included in KDE-3.2 CVS
 - updated xfree86 (mostly due to security fix)
 - updated esound, curl and ncftp
 - Juergen Sawinski: various gcc33 fixes, added gnuplot U tag, additional
                     packages for the jsaw repository
 - Sirkull: updates and additions to the sirkull repository, fixed bind to
                    install the init script and updated exim as well as
                    fixed it's init script
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: added ypserv, yp-tools and fixed net-tools
 - Mathieu: updates duplicity, adds shared support to librsync

*) 2003-08-31 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Mathieu: mathieu repository cleanups, added gtkam, improvement to
            fmnewpackage, fixed typos in CHANGELOG-RENE, support for Z
            packed files
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: updated sysvinit and e2fsprogs
 - mod_install improvements (#122 and #133)
 - added vim default config
 - fixed gdm (needs yet another style of session generation) (#43)

*) 2003-08-30 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - added bash version check to System-Check
 - Daniel Jahre: merged first parts for realtime (RTAI) support
 - Alan J. Wylie: added libmcrypt
 - Tobias C. Rittweiler: improved missing binary check and Build-Pkg argument
                         re-disabled the build of binary packages for packages
                         with error
 - improved Build-Pkg argument parsing further
 - improved create_package_db to not include failed packages into the database
 - Tobias C. Rittweiler and Rene Rebe: added editor search to the gui_* STONE
 - fixed create_package_db to list errors correctly
 - removed the missing binary check since it is now done in create_package_db
 - updated glib22, pango12 and gtk+22
 - created a upstream-able fontconfig.pc patch for xfree86

*) 2003-08-29 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Juergen Sawinski: cleanup jsaw

*) 2003-08-28 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - fixed iproute2 and linux24-header to like each other again

*) 2003-08-27 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - Juergen Sawinski: bison and coda (yacc C++ fix) and added fmnewpackage.sh
 - Alejandro Mery: gcc's protectors new location
                   versioning xjdic23 and fixed bogofilter/sourceforge's [D]
                   misc updates and fixes
 - Stefan Paletta: misc/archive/hello.cs
 - Juergen Sawinski: isdn4k-utils, ifhp, aspell, units and raidtools for
                     e.g. gcc33
 - Daniel Pischl: updated icewm
 - Juergen Sawinski: multiple package additions/updates for the jsaw repository
 - added the TeX -> HTML generator TeX4ht now used for the rock-handbook
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: slrn

*) 2003-08-26 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - updated linux24 - and fixed the i2c-patch (incl. i2c-west for PowerPC) and
   fixing agp support for the apple north-bridge
 - updated alsa-driver and alsa
 - fixed linux24 i2c patch, added 2.4 x86_64 compile fix and blacklisting
   for 2.4 and 2.6
 - Sebastian Jaenicke: fixed etc/services (whois/nicname)
 - updated centericq
 - Mathieu: updated bogofilter and librsync, added bittorrent, removed
            empty files
 - Sandra Dismar's minimal+xfree package selection as template

*) 2003-08-25 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - added a new font to the cheapskatefonts package
 - improved some .desc files
 - reworked the desktop package selection
 - added support for targets to supply text/plain kernel config files
   (fixes the bug that users can not supply kernel configs for the desktop
 - fixed screen for platforms with non-trivial va_arg implementation
 - fixed typo in the patchfiles parsing in lx_config.sh

*) 2003-08-24 (2.0.0-rc1 - 2.0.0-rc2)

 - bumped version
 - fixed xfree86 stone module and adapt the gui_* implementations for this
 - updated kmatplot to the current maintained "fork" qmatplot
 - added a gpl-fonts package to gather GPL fonts (one for now)

Sincerely yours,
  René Rebe
    - ROCK Linux stable release maintainer

René Rebe - Europe/Germany/Berlin
http://www.rocklinux.org http://www.rocklinux-consulting.de
http://gsmp.rocklinux-consulting.de/ http://gsmp.tfh-berlin.de/rene

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