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Author: Clifford Wolf
To: ROCK Linux Mailing List
Subject: [rock-linux] Project renaming

here is yet another attack to the ROCK community:

the ROCK 2.1 roadmap contains stuff like integration of Hurd and OpenBSD
kernels to the ROCK build system. So the name "ROCK Linux" wouldn't fit
very well anymore ....

Also "ROCK Linux" fits too well into the common "Foobar Linux" naming
scheme for linux distributions - so it's no wonder that it is so hard to
promote ROCK Linux as "built kit for linux/whatever distributions" instead
of "yet another linux distribution".

I'd suggest renaming the project to something different. My personal
preference would be something like "Open ROCK". Suggestions, thoughts and
feedback in any form is very welcome.

So let's the flamewar^H^H discussion begin...

 - clifford

PS: The topic came up the first time at this years developers meeting and
we wanted to discuss it in detail at 20C3. But since we also do plan to
print t-shirts, it would be better to have this dicussion before printing
a few hundret t-shirts promoting "ROCK Linux".

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